The First State Celebrates Constitution Day 2006

photo of the US Constitution

Welcome to the Widener University School of Law online observance of Constitution Day. Constitution Day is September 17th, the date in 1787 that the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. Delaware is proudly known as the "First State" because it was the first to ratify the Constitution.

This website provides a forum for discussing the Constitution's meaning and significance. It considers topics such as why the Constitution is so important for Americans, what values the Constitution embodies, and what responsibility each of us has to ensure that the Constitution remains vibrant and relevant.

photo of stars of the American flag

To get started, I asked Delaware government and community leaders to share their thoughts about the Constitution's significance. I invite you to read their responses and then send in your own comments. Many of the thoughtful and inspiring submissions are posted.

I hope this exchange paves the way for an ever more meaningful Constitution Day. Let us seize this opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Constitution, to reflect upon the ties that bind us together, and to recall the responsibility that each of us has to ensure our democracy's ongoing vitality.

Alan E. Garfield
Constitution Day Project Founder and Coordinator
Professor of Law and H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law
Widener University School of Law
September 2006