The First State Celebrates Constitution Day 2007

Mount Pleasant High School

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Student Author: Paul Blest

Democracy at the Crossroads

Democracy in America is at a crossroads in history. While our agenda is to bring a democratic government to various nations in the Middle East, our basic rights at home are being threatened. The most important factors affecting the strength of our democracy in the 21st century will be our dependence on foreign oil, the protection of our interests at home, and if we are to recognize environmental threats.

While our environmental recognition and awareness level has risen with such documentaries as "An Inconvenient Truth," we still have not signed the Kyoto Protocol or enacted any law to cut emission numbers. The threat of global warming may be on the back burner to a country mired in a foreign conflict, but to me it should be at the forefront.

Our dependence on foreign oil and our failure to give ourselves an alternate route also threaten our democracy. Quite simply, if we cannot switch to a more efficient alternative we will be known worldwide as an empire that is concerned only with its own interests and not with interests of the planet.

In actuality, the question may be asked whether we are really protecting our interests? The cut of public funding in areas like law enforcement and education are not in our interests. To regain the trust of the American population, we must reaffirm our roots in the American population.

This point in time will judge our ability to recover. Since 1945 we have been in many different countries militarily but our world standing is in ruins. If the next president or president after the next cannot fix a nation torn apart by Vietnam and humiliated in Iraq, democracy, as we know it, will only exist in those places where we exported it.

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