Delaware Staff
Allen, Mary, Public Relations: 302-477-2175
Amin, Reza, Media Services Director: 302-477-2104
April, Carlene, Bursar's Office, 302-477-2181
Ayars, Barbara, Assistant Dean, Admissions Office: 302-477-2210

Ballenger, Nicole, Director, Legal Education Institute: 302-477-2290
Barletta, John, Copy Center: 302-4772165
Barkley, Nicole, Assistant Dean and Multicultural Affairs Officer: 302-477-2702
Berry, Debra, Secretary, Office of Student Affairs: 302-477-2142
Birdsong, Susan, Secretary, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2008
Biscoe, Jen, Aramark Manager: 302-477-2242
Brown, Maryann, Director of Academic Support Program: 302-477-2148
Burns, Patti, Faculty Secretary: 302-477-2491
Burrell, Chris, Assistant Director, Campus Services/Maintenance: 302-477-2231

Callahan, Rose, Secretary, Law Reviews, Moot Court, and Trial Advocacy: 302-477-2014
Cantalupo, Megan, Assistant Director, Development & Alumni Relations: 302-477-2754
Catania, Francis J., Jr, Director of Clinical Programs: 302-477-2108
Cavin, Chris, Mailroom: 302-477-2217
Cimino, Rachel, Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office: 302-477-2247
Copy Center: 302-477-2165
Culhane, John G., Director, Family Health Law & Policy Institute: 302-477-2107

Daly, Erin, Interim Dean: 302-477-2153
Dantinne, Debbie, Secretary, Faculty and Environmental Law Center and Clinic: 302-477-2182
Deazle, Crystal, Counselor, Career Development Office: 302-477-2030
Deldeo, Sally, Financial Aid Office: 302-477-2272
Dolan, Arlene, Mail Room: 302-477-2217
Donoghue, Pattie, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office: 302-477-2710
Doyle, Anthony, Assistant Dean, Business and Administration & Foreign Programs: 302-477-2203
Drury, Torill, Secretary, Deans' Offices: 302-477-2130
Eakin, Alice, Director of Academic Support Program: 302-477-2215
Ebner, Barbara, Secretary, Campus Services/Maintenance: 302-477-2077
Edwards, Ariel, Admissions Officer, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2780
Epstein, Jules, Director, Intensive Trial Advocacy Program: 302-477-2031

Friedman, Stephen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: 302-477-2291

Garrison, Nathan, Web Manager: 302-477-2295
Goldberg, Susan L., Associate Dean, Office of Student Affairs: 302-477-2173
Gorodetzer, Ashley, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services: 302-478-8680 x215
Gosa, Vanessa, Secretary, Clinical Programs and PIRC: 302-477-2174
Graham, Tamara, Registrar: 302-477-2037
Grant, Laurie, Assistant Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations: 302-477-2168
Grena-Piretti, Eileen, Assistant Dean and Director, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2102
Griesmer, Romie, Staff Attorney, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic: 302-477-2096
Gulino, Amy, Psychologist: 302-477-2263

Hamermesh, Lawrence, Director, Delaware Institute of Corporate & Business Law: 302-477-2132
Hampton, Jim, Media Services Technician: 302-477-2002
Hamilton, Jason, PC Support, Information Technology Services: 302-477-2225
Harrington Conner, Dana, Director, Delaware Civil Clinic and Director, Family Health Law & Policy Institute: 302-477-2161
Harris, Karla, Secretary, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2704
Howard-O'Rangers, Janine, Executive Director, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services: 302-478-8680 x207
Howe-Barksdale, Sydney, Director, Public Interest Resource Center: 302-477-2214
Hughes, Melissa, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services: 302-478-8680 x205

Johnston, Patrick, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs: 302-477-2199

Kelly, Alicia, Director, Family Health Law & Policy Institute: 302-477-2185
Kelly, Eleanor, Associate Director, Financial Aid Office: 302-477-2273
Kilian, Catherine, Staff Attorney, Delaware Civil Clinic: 302-477-2705
Kitchen, John, Manager, Information Technology Services: 302-477-2223
Kmat, Dottie, Faculty Secretary: 302-477-2176
Kristl, Kenneth, Environmental Law Clinic: 302-477-2053
Kroh, Pam, Assistant Director, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2139
Kwak, Lila, Secretary, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, 302-478-8680 x208
Landau, Gilbert, Director, Campus Services/Maintenance: 302-477-2040
Loeffler, Amy, Secretary, Office of Student Affairs: 302-477-2023
Louisignau, Kim, Secretary, Campus Services/Maintenance: 302-477-2029

Maffia, Nancy, Academic Advisor, University College: 302-477-2226
Manelski, Denise, Office Manager, Legal Education Institute: 302-477-2045
Mastro, David, Manager, Bookstore: 302-478-0606
May, James, Director, Environmental Law Center: 477-302-2060
McKeone, Colleen, Associate Director, Admissions Office: 302-477-2160
McKeown, Sharon, Housekeeping: 302-477-2212
McLaughlin, Judith, Donor Relations Coordinator, Development/Alumni Relations: 302-477-2076
Mindell, Barbara, Instructional Technologist: 302-477-2118
Miranda, Carlos, Copy Center: 302-477-2165
Moody, Larasz, Director, Bar Programs: 302-477-2276
Morrell, Jennifer, Staff Attorney, Veterans Law Clinic: 302-477-2116

Nava, Roberta, Secretary, Business/Administration: 302-477-2289

Patrick, Debbe, MJ/Graduate Program Coordinator, Graduate & Compliance Programs: 302-477-2713
Paul, Denise, Office Coordinator, Veterans Law Clinic: 477-302-2056
Perrupato, Carol, CLE and Special Programs Coordinator: 302-477-2178
Piotti, Lauren, Associate Registrar: 302-477-2150
Porta, Marie, Assistant Director, Admissions: 302-477-2133
Pyle, Wendy, Receptionist, Admissions Office: 302-477-2100
Ragan, Jane, Secretary, Admissions Office: 302-477-2136
Raport, Kevin, Chief, Campus Safety: 302-477-2202
Ravert Ward, Nancy, Director of Alumni Engagement, Development/Alumni Relations: 302-477-2191
Ritter, Judith, Director, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic: 302-477-2121
Ritterbeck, Nikki, Academic Advisor, University College: 302-477-2218
Ruby, Karen, Secretary, Admissions Office: 302-477-2162
Ruffin, LeaNora, Assistant Dean, Career Development Office: 302-477-2027
Rybicki, Erin, Assistant Director, Legal Education Institute: 302-477-2190

Saidel, Susan, Director, Veterans Law Clinic: 302-477-2052
Sarro, Lynn, Office Manager, Admissions Office: 302-477-2210
Scott, Berma, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services: 302-478-8680 x204
Sheehan, Kristin, Secretary, Legal Education Institute: 302-477-2205
Shopland, Linda, Senior Counselor, Career Development Office: 302-477-2274
Slinger, Michael, Associate Dean for Information Services and Technology/Director of the Legal Information Center: 302-477-2111
Stiteler, Kristin, Assistant, Financial Aid Office: 302-477-2293
Stoddart, Doris, Secretary, University College: 302-477-2216
Strauss, Andy, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Faculty Research: 302-477-2254
Sweeney, Connie, Executive Assistant to the Dean: 302-477-2177

Thompson, Frank, Maintenance: 302-477-2219
Trapuzzano, Arlene, Coordinator, Business/Administration & Foreign Programs: 302-477-2248

Utz, Susan, Secretary, Career Development Office: 302-477-2179

Vallee, David, Media Services: 302-477-2250
Ventresca, Tina, Executive Assistant, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services: 302-478-8680 x206

Walker, Rebecca, Assistant Director for LL.M. & Graduate Programs, Graduate & Compliance Programs, 302-477-2716
Watts, Suzanne, Development/Alumni Relations: 302-477-2172
Wilbank, Ed, Mailroom: 302-477-2217
Wieland, Beverly, PC Support: 302-477-2013
Womack, Katrina, Alumni Engagement Coordinator, Development/Alumni Relations: 302-477-2055