The Study of Health Law at Widener

law grad schools hi resBADGEMessage from John Culhane, Director, Health Law Institute 

"Health law is a growing specialty in legal practice and a major field of academic study. The United States currently spends one-seventh of its gross domestic product on health care, making health care policy a critical topic on the political agenda of federal and state governments. Access to health care and its high cost continue to be major problems. The public's attention has been captured by controversies in such areas as physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, innovative reproductive technologies, conflicts of interest in clinical research, genetic research, and worries over the negative aspects of managed care organizations.

Lawyers play a critical role in representing health care clients and developing health policies in this rapidly changing and highly regulated component of the American economy. Widener's courses in Health Law offer the student an in-depth look at the legal issues created by the rapid restructuring of health care delivery, changes in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, state and federal regulation of managed care organizations and provider networks, and a myriad of other health law topics.

Our program offers several advantages to the student, lawyer or other professional who wants to specialize in health law:

  • participation in one of the nationally top-ranked health law programs;
  • specialized J.D. concentration training in health care law with experienced health lawyers currently in active practice;
  • opportunities to conduct research and publish articles under the close supervision of nationally known health law professors;
  • interaction with graduate students who bring their diverse work experiences into the classroom; and
  • proximity to major eastern metropolitan areas with thriving health law practices and major health care industries - Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, New York City, and Washington, DC.

We have worked hard to make our program a success. As you will see from the comments of our impressive students and alumni, the faculty's rich credentials are supplemented by unusual warmth and attention to our students' needs. I am confident that we have designed a program that deserves its national reputation for excellence in health law."