Required Courses

Health Law I: Intro to Health Law * (3 credits) This course provides a detailed introduction to the legal issues created by the provider-patient relationship. Topics include risk management and tort liability as applied health care delivery, the trade-offs between cost and quality in health or public and private regulation of the industry, patient rights, and other items in the acute care setting. The course examines specific problem areas such as medical technology and new experimental therapies as windows into many of these topics. * This course is required for all LL.M. and M.J. students.

Health Law II: Health Care Regulation * (3 credits) A detailed examination of health as a regulated industry, this course looks at cost controls and promoting access to health care through private and public law. It provides a look into the history of American health care, the policies behind various reimbursement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and the regulating strategies developed to control costs (DRGs, fraud and abuse laws, etc.), and legislation enacted to promote access (EMTALA, tax exemptions). Topics considered include hospital operation, managed care organizations, and physician practices within this highly regulated environment. *This course is required for all LL.M. and M.J. students.

Health Law Thesis I* (1 credit) *This course is required for L.L.M students only. 

Health Law Thesis Course II* (2 credits) This course provides L.L.M. students with the research and mentor support needed for the production of a publishable work of advanced scholarship. During Thesis I, the student must determine a thesis topic acceptable to the faculty advisor, begin the research, and complete a detailed outline of the paper. During Thesis Course II, the student must submit drafts of the paper for comment and complete the final draft. Students then defend their papers orally to the faculty Health Law Committee. *This course is required for LL.M. students only.

LL.M. Requirement: Health Care Finance (2 credits) or Health Care Transactions (2 credits). LL.M. students must take one or the other of these courses, which are described under the category of Elective Courses.