Bar Program Assistance Awards
columnsAwards include: $250 scholarship in the form of a rebate for any commercial bar program.
Application Guidelines: 
  • submit at least 4 essays (1 of which can be an MPT) for grading/feedback
  • complete at least 75% of the on line MBE questions
  • complete and submit the Simulated Multistate Examination for grading (Mock MBE exam)
Application Deadline: April 2, 2015. 
To be considered for an award, interested applicants must complete and submit an award application. The completed application must be emailed to by the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Awards are available primarily to any graduating Regular Division and Evening Division students planning to take the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar exam(s). The criteria points for the awards are extenuating financial need and the demonstration of commitment to passing the bar exam the first time.

Applications are available in the Office of Student Affairs or can be Downloaded in PDF format

Participating commercial bar providers include BarBri, KAPLAN/PMBR, Themis and Widener University School of Law.