Minority Supplemental Bar Review Program

The purpose of the Minority Supplemental Bar Review Program (“Program”) is to increase the diversity of the Delaware Bar and to enhance the success of minority applicants. It is designed to provide technical assistance and support through a series of lectures, discussion groups, one-on-one interactions, coaching, intensive practice essay exams and critiques, and review of questions and answers to previous Delaware bar exams. The Program does not compete or stand as a substitute for traditional commercial bar review courses. Rather, the Program is designed to supplement such courses by identifying and teaching essay test-taking skills. Additionally, the Program focuses on time and stress management, analytic skills, and essay structure.

The Program meets every Thursday evening for seven consecutive weeks prior to the bar exam and culminates with a Saturday full day eight-essay session two weeks before the exam. Student attendance and participation is expected and required at each session. The cost to Program participants is a minimal $125.

The Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section of the Delaware State Bar Association (the “MJL Section”) sponsors and administers the Program and provides two members of its Executive Committee to serve as co-chairs. The co-chairs are responsible for planning the Program, including establishing the Program schedule, circulating registration forms and choosing and copying past exams for use in the evening sessions. The co-chairs also choose and assign a mentor for each Program participant, select graders for the practice exams and attend each Program session. Members of the MJL Section and former Program participants volunteer to serve as guest speakers, mentors and graders.

Since its inception, the Program has been very successful at focusing on the skills necessary to pass the bar exam, including time and stress management, writing style and answer structure. The Thursday evening sessions are held at Widener University School of Law, with space for the Saturday session provided by the Bar Association. Widener provides the past exams and exam booklets for use at the evening and Saturday sessions. Over the last few years, the pass rate for Program participants has been consistent with that of the overall percentage of successful candidates.

There are two major rules to which we adhere to with this Program. First, if you miss more than one class, you may be asked to leave the course and no refund will be given. Second, you must be enrolled in the Delaware Bar Review Program in order to participate in our program – it is a supplemental course. If you are not able to comply with these rules, please do not attempt to register for the course.

If you are plan on taking the Delaware Bar Examination in 2014 and would like more information about the Program, please contact Danielle S. Blount, Esq. at dsblount@yahoo.com. Registration for the Program will open on April 21, 2014 and ends on April 28, 2014. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. There are a limited number of slots. Any registration forms received before April 21, 2014 will be returned.

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