Bar Loan
Bar loans are designed to help students with the costs associated with the bar exam, bar prep courses, and living expenses while studying for the bar. The amount a student borrows depends on the lender’s minimum and maximum amount allowed and what the student determines is necessary. These loans carry higher interest rates and less appealing repayment options than federal loans.

We encourage all students to borrow up to their maximum federal cost of attendance with federal loans before utilizing the Bar Loan option.

The number of lenders offering bar loans has shrunk considerably with the current credit market. Widener University School of Law is aware of four lenders currently offering a bar loan program at this point in time. If lenders re-enter the market they will be added to our list. Students should be prepared for stricter credit criteria than in the past and may want to consider applying with a co-signer.

Please use the links to apply directly online with the lender. Widener Law School will certify the student’s graduation date and the money will be disbursed directly to the student.
  • PNC
  • Discover
  • Sallie Mae: Application must be downloaded and completed on paper or over the phone
  • Wells Fargo: must have a prior relationship, that can include online checking or savings account, credit card, mortgage or car loan in addition to student loans. Wachovia is a Wells Fargo company and as such students with a prior Wachovia relationship can apply for the Wells Fargo Bar loan.
  • GL Advisor: GL Advisor is a program that allows students the ability to borrow monies to cover BARBRI (only course tuition and living expense).
pdf icon Looking Ahead - Preparing Financially for the Bar Exam (.pdf): The bar exam is expensive. The application and the costs of a preparation course can be costly. This guide can help you prepare for the bar exam.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office on your campus with any questions.
Delaware – (302)477-2272 or
Harrisburg - (717)541-3961 or

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