Black Law Students Association
The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) is committed to providing both a professional and familial experience amongst all Widener Law Students who have an interest in the legal issues surrounding the Black community.

The purpose of BLSA is to utilize the collective resources of the members to:
  • Articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black Law Students;
  • Foster and encourage professional competence;
  • Focus upon the relationship of the Black Law Student and the Black Attorney to the American legal structure;
  • Instill in the Black Attorney and Law Student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community;
  • Influence the legal community to bring out meaningful change to meet the needs of the Black community;
  • Encourage Black Law Students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and
  • Do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.
All persons who are registered at Widener School of Law shall be eligible for membership in BLSA. For more information, feel free to contact any one of our executive board members directly:

Andre Mason

Vice President
Adedayo Adu

Kendrick McLeod

Valerie Duarte

Faculty Advisor
Serena Williams

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