Transactional Law Competition Team
TransactionalLaw CompTeamSealThe Transactional Law Competition Team gives students the chance to hone the practical skills need for transactional law work. Please note that The Transactional Law Competition is not under the auspices of the Student Bar Association, but rather the Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law.

5 Reasons to Join the Transactional Law Competition Team

1. Enhance Negotiation Skills
The Transactional Law Competition Team conducts a variety of trainings, exercises, and mock-negotiation, in order to develop the negotiation skills of its members. Select members who excel at these preliminary trainings will compete at the regional Transactional LawMeet in timed negotiations.

2. Learn How to Draft and Interpret Business Law-Related Documents
The Transactional Law Competition Team trains its members through workshops and lectures on the intricacies of business law and practice. All members will be involved in drafting provisions of designated business documents for the regional Transactional LawMeet, as well as reviewing drafts from opposing teams.

3. Feedback from Top Transactional Law Practitioners
Members of the Transactional Law Competition Team compete in a number of "MiniMeets" via webcam submissions. Member submissions are viewed and ranked by law students across the nation. Top submissions receive personalized feedback on their webcam submission from esteemed transactional professionals. Further, members chosen to compete at the regional meet will be judged by practitioners throughout the day and will have an opportunity to speak with the judges after the negotiations to review their score sheets.

4. Ability to Grow A Program In Its Infancy
The Transactional Law Competition Team is only in its second year of existence. New members will be in a unique position to grow an organization already supported by faculty and staff members and already recognized nationally by U.S. News & World Report. The team is fully student run and all members participate both substantively and administratively.

5. Unparalleled Practical Experience
The Transactional Law Competition Team is the first of its kind at Widener Law. It focuses on a type of legal work historically overlooked in mock-competitions: transactional work. In actuality, transactional law is one of the most prominent activities in which freshly minted attorneys are likely to engage. The Transactional Law Competition Team will give you experience above and beyond your colleagues, which will not only prepare you more fully for practice, but set you apart in interviews.

Executive Board
Jay S. Patel
Michael S. Swoyer
Deniz S. Uzel

For further information, please contact the Executive Board at

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