Widener Law Journal (Harrisburg)
The Widener Law Journal is the flagship law journal of Widener University's Harrisburg campus. Membership on the journal offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your initiative, honed legal skills, and commitment to the advancement of legal scholarship. You can serve on a staff selected from students on the Harrisburg campus who demonstrate drive, commitment, and academic excellence.

Student Opportunities
Membership on the Widener Law Journal enhances the legal education you receive in the classroom by building on your legal writing skills through the training and practice of rigorous reviewing and editing. As an associate staff member, you will write a comment and a Pennsylvania administrative law case survey. Writing a comment provides a unique opportunity to publish novel legal scholarship in a wide-array of topics early in your career. Student comments provide fresh insight and explore recent developments in emerging areas of the law. Your case survey will have an excellent chance of being published in the Journal’s Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law. This special issue provides you with an excellent opportunity to publish your own legal scholarship as the journal seeks to build a substantial record of commentary on Pennsylvania administrative law. As a senior staff member or survey staff member of the journal, you will work with your colleagues to publish all of the material for the Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law.

First published in 1992 under the moniker of the Journal of Public Policy, the Widener Law Journal focuses on a wide range of topics including constitutional law, civil and criminal law, professional ethics, administrative law, commercial law, and other emerging developments in the law. The journal is published three times annually with one issue per year dedicated to the Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law examining the administrative law decisions of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, and Commonwealth Court, one of two intermediate appellate courts. The Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law contributes to the Harrisburg campus’s mission of providing critical resources to the Capital by publishing student-written case analyses of recent administrative law decisions.

Annual Symposium
Each year, the Widener Law Journal sponsors a symposium focusing on one particular aspect of the law. The Annual Symposium brings together leading scholars, professors, judges, and practitioners to discuss the history, advancements, and emerging issues related to the topic selected. Past topics have included Internet Expression in the 21st Century, the 50th Anniversary of the National Conference of State Trial Judges, Sustainable Energy, and the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. In addition to providing a regional legal event for judges, lawyers, and legal professionals, the Annual Symposium also provides credits for Continuing Legal Education in Pennsylvania, including ethics credits.