First Year Students
The Academic Success Program offers a variety of programs and resources for first year students, including individual counseling with Professors Maryann Brown or Alice Eakin, the ASP Resource Library, and the programs described below. (Please note that the programmatic and course offerings for the 2013-14 academic year will be posted during the summer of 2013.)
  1. The Fall Workshop Series explores the academic skills that are at the core of law school success, including essay exam skills, multiple choice exam skills, and exam preparation strategies. Taught by Professors Maryann Brown and Alice Eakin, each workshop is offered a variety of times to accommodate all first year students’ schedules.
  2. The Civil Procedure Teaching Assistant Program joins fundamental skill instruction with Civil Procedure to allow first year students to apply their skills within the context of a challenging first-semester subject. The TAs work closely with each Civil Procedure Professor and conduct a series of skills workshops for that professor’s students using the substantive material provided by the Professor.
  3. The Introduction to Law Program provides targeted assistance for those students who did not perform well on their Introduction to Law practice exam during Orientation Week. This program provides students with the opportunity to take another practice exam and receive individualized feedback on their performance.
  4. The Midterm Program provides targeted assistance for students who did not perform to their potential on their midterm examination. This program includes counseling from an Academic Success professor, a rule-based reasoning and essay exam skills workshop utilizing a Torts topic, and a challenging practice exam with individualized feedback. Students also have the opportunity to rewrite the practice exam for further feedback.
  5. The Spring Academic Success Program consists of a series of five workshops focused on core rule based reasoning skills. Students also take three practice exams, which are reviewed by Academic Success Fellows -- successful upperclassmen who provide participating students with oral and written feedback on their practice exam performance. Although this program is designed for first year students who finished the fall semester with a grade point average below 2.5, any student who wants to participate in the program is accepted.