Student Organization Event Planning/SBA Event Approval Checklist
You can now use the Online Event Registration Form to get started on the event approval process instead of the paper version!

word iconDownload the complete SBA Event Approval Checklist (.docx)

Students planning a student organization event must follow the following steps and complete an Event Approval Checklist:

1. Approval by Multicultural Affairs Officer, Nicole Barkley.

2. Approval by V.P. for Academics / Community Affairs or Student Relations.

3. Clear date on Master Calendar with Connie Sweeney (4th Floor). Please have her initial this entry.  

4. If you would like to have an outside speaker, clear with Connie Sweeney in the Dean’s Office (4th Floor) before the invitation is issued. Please have her initial this entry.

5. If the outside speaker is a Widener alum, contact Nancy Ravert Ward in Alumni Relations after Connie Sweeney has cleared the event.

6. Please bring the following items (as applicable to the event) to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for approval:
  • Room Reservation Form (Registrar’s Office)
    • To reserve a room(s) in either the Main Law Building or Polishook, see Debra Berry (OSA) before bringing to the Registrar's Office.
    • To reserve either Main Street or the Barristers’ Club, see Connie Sweeney (4th Floor).
  • Food Service Request (Jen Biscoe/Aramark)
    • Request must be completed and signed by Jen at least 2 weeks before bringing to OSA. Also, always check with Jen regarding bake sales, outside food, etc.
  • Video Request (Reza Amin, Media Services)
    • To request video equipment/services, see Debra Berry (OSA) before bringing to Media Services. 
7. If you wish to publicize the event on the Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB), please complete the form and give to Debra Berry in OSA or send Debra a PowerPoint slide (landscape) no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

8. If you wish to post signs for the event, please bring the sign(s) to Debra Berry in the Office of Student Affairs to be approved. Signs can only be posted on “general information” bulletin boards.

9. If you wish to publicize the event in the DELawNews, please email copy to by noon on Wednesday of the week before the event.

10. If there will be advertising or press outside the law school (newspapers, television. etc.), you must have the approval of Nicole Barkley and Mary Allen (x2175).

11. Bring a completed copy of the Event Approval checklist to Debra Berry in the Office of Student Affairs.