Housing FAQs
  1. Q) What are my options for living on-campus?
    A) There are two dormitory buildings and 24 townhouse apartments available for student residency. The dorm buildings, Shipley Hall and Concord Hall, house men and women who are housed on separate wings. Each room is single-occupancy, fully furnished and includes a small refrigerator and microwave oven. Students share the bathroom and shower facilities with the other same-sex students on their wing.

    The townhouse apartments are offered on a priority, first-come first-served basis. A sign-up is held during the spring semester for any townhouse apartments that open up for the following academic year. First priority goes to returning students currently living in the townhouse apartments. The townhouse apartments are fully furnished, including a washer and dryer.

  2. Q) How do I reserve a room in the dormitories?
    A) To reserve a room an accepted student should return the housing reservation form, included in the acceptance packet, to the Campus Services office along with a  non-refundable deposit. There is no deadline for sending in a deposit for housing. To guarantee a room, we recommend that a deposit be sent by the end of June, but we will accept deposits throughout the entire summer and into the academic year as long as there are rooms available.

  3. Q) How do I reserve a room in the Townhouse apartments?
    A) As an incoming student your name can be added to the sign-up list.

  4. Q) Is there telephone service available on campus?
    A) Each dorm room is wired for one analog line. The University provides a telephone in each room with an active line to receive and generate calls within the campus community. The fee for activating a telephone for outside calling is available via
    Campus Services. Residents will receive a monthly telephone bill in their student mailbox.

  5. Q) Is cable television available?
    A) Each dorm room and townhouse apartment is provided with cable television at no additional charge.

  6. Q) Is internet service available in my dorm room/townhouse apartment?
    A) Wireless internet is available in the living areas. Each dormitory room and townhouse apartment has an Ethernet connection that can be activated by contacting the Information and Technologies (ITS) department.

  7. Q) Are there laundry facilities in each dormitory?
    A) Laundry facilities are provided for your convenience in each dormitory building. Shipley Hall has a large laundry room located on the 2nd floor as well as one washer and dryer located on the first floor. Concord Hall has a washer and dryer located in either the bathroom or the service room of each wing on each floor.

  8. Q) Can I bring in my own furniture?
    A) Students are allowed to bring some of their own furniture into their dorm room or townhouse apartment. Students are not permitted to remove furniture from their dorm room or townhouse apartment. We do not have the space on campus to store extra furniture. All students are responsible for all furniture provided and will be billed for any damages or missing furniture at the end of the academic year.

  9. Q) Can I use a hot plate in the dormitory rooms?
    A) The use of hot plates is not permitted in the dormitories; however, the use of a toaster oven and a tabletop George Forman cooking device is permitted in the dormitories.

    The University is not responsible for the personal property of a resident. It is suggested that students look into renters insurance or see if they are covered under a homeowners policy.