Student Employment Information Form
The Registrar's Office requires that all Regular Division students (1 RD, 2RD, and 3RD) complete an employment information form whether you are working or not.

The following excerpt has been taken from the Widener University School of Law Academic Code:

Section 310: Outside Employment:
  1. General Rule. Regular Division students are urged not to engage in outside employment during their first year of law school. Regular Division students may not exceed twenty hours of outside employment per week during the academic year, and are advised not to exceed fifteen hours of outside employment per week.

  2. Violation of Restriction on Outside Employment. Any Regular Division student whose outside employment exceeds twenty hours per week during a semester shall transfer to the extended division for that semester. The course load of such student shall be reduced in order to comply with the requirements of 306(b) of the Code. This reduction in course load shall be treated as a withdrawal from courses under 307 of the Code.

  3. Compliance. Each Regular Division student shall complete and deliver to the Registrar a written statement in support of the student’s compliance with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section.
Students should fill out the Employment Information Form provided below in pdf format and return it to their respective Registrar's Office on either the Delaware or Harrisburg campus.

pdf iconStudent Employment Information Form (.pdf)