Women’s Law Caucus Marches in Support of Breast Cancer Research
Caroline Donato - Published: October 15, 2013
Widener University School of Law and the American Cancer Society have one significant commonality: a powerful collective effort. Saturday, October 12, marked the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Wilmington, DE, and Widener’s Women’s Law Caucus came ready to march. Every year thousands of people promote awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research, and the Women’s Law Caucus is one of the many leaders in this effort.

This year, Widener’s law students raised about $4000, surpassing 250 other teams in the area. The Women’s Law Caucus facilitated this effort both on and off campus by fundraising through personal emails; selling “Widener Law” T-shirts; selling homemade bracelets donated by alumni; facilitating a Walgreen’s-sponsored fundraising event; and of course, organizing the highly anticipated and successful bake sale over the last week before the walk.

The Women’s Law Caucus could not have done this without the collective and individual efforts of Widener Law’s students and faculty. The dedication of the Women’s Law Caucus members, the leaders that evolved throughout, and the support of the student body, helped make this a truly remarkable year for the American Cancer Society. The Women’s Law Caucus looks forward to supporting this cause every year, and can hardly wait to make more strides in 2014.