Collection Development
The Legal Information Center is a research library. Collection development is the foundation on which the Legal Information Center achieves its mission of providing legal information to the faculty, students, and members of the bench and bar. The excellence of that research collection is the focus of collection development. The Collection Development Policy of the Widener University School of Law Legal Information Center provides the guidelines for the continued growth and development of the collection. The Policy is designed so that the selection of materials is made within the context of institutional goals as well as in compliance with standards promulgated by the ABA and AALS. The Policy is reviewed periodically and revised as required.

Gift and Donation Policy
The Legal Information Center considers all offers of gifts of materials; however, we will accept only donations of material which we believe will enhance our collection. When a donation is accepted, a full inventory of the donation is made and included in an acknowledgment letter. No monetary evaluation of donations is made. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that once accepted, a gift becomes the property of the Legal Information Center and its disposition is determined by the Legal Information Center.