Publishing Information for Faculty
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Choosing A Topic

  • Conducting a Preemptive Search
    To make sure that an article you are writing is covering new ground and is not on a topic that has already been addressed, you can search in Westlaw, Lexis, LegalTrac and the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP).

    To track a topic, set up a periodic WestClip, Lexis Alert search or get a customized email subscription to SmartCILP contact Mary Alice Peeling (x2115) in Delaware or Pat Fox (x3935) in Harrisburg.
  • Working Papers
    • Legal Scholarship Network (part of SSRN) publishes electronic journals consisting of working and accepted papers, author contact information and conference announcements. Widener subscribes to the Legal Scholarship Network. For information contact Mary Alice Peeling (x2115) You do not need an account to search SSRN but an account will allow you to sign up for email alerts of new papers.
    • University Law Review Project is a free site where you can sign up to receive abstracts of new law review articles by e-mail or submit an abstract for distribution. This site is a partnership among Stanford, Australasian Legal Information Institute, Jurist, the Legal Information Institute at Cornell and Findlaw.

Finding Publisher and Submission Information

  • Directories
    • The Jurist website maintains a list of law reviews published by ABA accredited law schools.
    • Last updated in 2006: Online Directory of Law Reviews and Scholarly Legal Periodicals containing the following categories: General Student-Edited Law Reviews; Special Focus Student-Edited Law Journals; Non-Student Edited Peer Review and Trade Journals; and University Presses. This comprehensive listing of United States law journals includes address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and number of publications per year. It contains a general essay on law review submission requirements.
    • Svengalis, Kendall F. Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual. Intended as a reference source for the acquisition of legal materials, this book can also aid as a publishing source. Appendix A provides a detailed listing of leading legal publishers with their history and product lines. Reference KF1 .L43
  • Law Review Rankings
  • Where Is It Indexed?
    • Titles indexed in CILP: This list identifies law reviews and other legal periodicals that are currently indexed in the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP).
    • Titles indexed in LegalTrac: Available 24 hours a day via the Internet, LegalTrac on InfoTrac Web offers indexing for all major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty law publications, bar association journals and thousands of law-related articles from general interest publications. LegalTrac also includes selective full text.
  • Submission Information
    • Expresso is a law review submission service that allows you to submit one article to multiple law Reviews at the same time. Please contact Torill Drury on the Delaware Campus (x2130) and Paula Heider on the Harrisburg Campus (x3902) for access.
    • Law Review Electronic Submission maintained by the Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University provides a listing of law reviews accepting online submissions.
  • Alternative Publishing Opportunities: Online Supplements and Blogs

Articles on Scholarly Publishing