Widener Law and Jefferson announce partnership for dual degrees
Published: May 21, 2007
jeff wid logoWidener University School of Law in Wilmington and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have launched two new joint-degree programs in law and public health.

Beginning this fall, students can work toward either a Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health (JD-MPH), or a Master of Jurisprudence in health law and Master of Public Health (MJ-MPH). These two new dual degrees are designed to prepare students who are pursuing careers in fields such as public health administration, health insurance organization leadership, health consulting and the pharmaceutical industry.

The typical MJ-MPH candidate is a nurse seeking a career in health administration who would benefit from expertise in legal topics such as confidentiality, bioethics, risk management and disability law. The typical JD-MPH candidate is one who becomes legal counsel to a medical institution or chooses private law practice.

The programs were formally announced at an event on the Thomas Jefferson University campus Wednesday, May 23. Speakers included Widener Law Dean Linda L. Ammons and representatives from Thomas Jefferson University including David B. Nash, MD, MBA, Chairman, Department of Health Policy, Co-Director, Master of Public Health Program. Widener Health Law Institute Acting Director John G. Culhane also spoke.

Ammons said the joint-degree programs were a terrific combination in terms of what tomorrow's students need. "We are looking forward to a very long and prosperous relationship with you here at Jefferson," Ammons said. "I am so pleased to be a part of making history with you."

The dual degrees can be completed in three to seven years, depending on which one the student chooses and whether enrollment is part-or full-time. For more information, contact Professor John G. Culhane, acting director of Widener's Health Law Institute at 302-477-2107 or Jennifer Ravelli, MPH, at Thomas Jefferson University, 215-503-0174 or Jennifer.Ravelli@Jefferson.edu.

Thomas Jefferson University faculty involved in joint-degree program:

David B. Nash, MD, MBA - Dr. Nash is the Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy at Thomas Jefferson University and is nationally recognized for his work in health policy, quality improvement and health services research.

Richard Wender, MD - Dr. Wender is the Alumni Professor and Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and is the National President of the American Cancer Society.

Rickie Brawer, MPH, PhD - Dr. Brawer is the Associate Director of the Office to Advance Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Her expertise is in the area of program planning and evaluation and health services research.

James Plumb, MD, MPH - Dr. Plumb is the Director of the Office to Advance Population Health and a Clinical Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital. His expertise is in family and community health and community development both locally and internationally.

Mona Sarfaty, MD - Dr. Sarfaty is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy at Thomas Jefferson University. She has expertise in health promotion and health services research.

Widener Law faculty involved in joint-degree program:

John G. CulhaneHealth Law Institute Acting Director and Professor John G. Culhane also holds the title of Lecturer at the Yale University School of Public Health. He writes in the area of public health law, focusing on HIV/AIDS domestic and international policy, and on compensating victims of mass tragedies.

Ann H. BrittonProfessor Ann H. Britton teaches and writes in the areas of torts, family law, law and the elderly and law and psychology.

Jean EggenProfessor Jean Eggen writes in the areas of toxic torts and law and medicine, publishing articles on topics such as toxic reproductive and genetic hazards, scientific evidence, mass torts, and medical device and tobacco litigation.

Andrew FictherAssociate Professor Andrew J. Fichter principally teaches and researches legal issues involving health care.

Susan L. GoldbergAssociate Professor Susan L. Goldberg teaches and researches in the areas of bioethics and the physician-patient relationship.

Nicholas MirkayProfessor Nicholas Mirkay teaches and writes in the area of non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, focusing on institutions that provide health care and services.

Thomas ReedProfessor Thomas Reed directs the Veterans Law Clinic, through which students represent disabled veterans and/or their dependents in judicial and administrative proceedings.