Dr. Pietro Saitta Speaks to Faculty About the Plight of the Roma
Web Editor - Published: September 10, 2008

saitta pietro facdevOn Tuesday, September 9th, Dr. Pietro Saitta, a sociology professor at the University of Messina in Italy visited Widener Law’s Delaware campus and spoke to members of the faculty and staff about the plight of Italy’s Roma population. Often referred to as gypsies, the Roma have historically been marginalized throughout Europe. Dr. Saitta presented findings from his paper entitled “Immigrant Roma in Sicily: The Role of the Informal Economy in Producing Social Advancement”.

Dr. Saitta discussed discriminatory practices against the Roma such as the digital fingerprinting of Roma children. He received a number of interesting questions from faculty members and discussed the legal basis for discriminatory practices against the Roma, the unspoken use of race in Europe as a basis for immigration quotas, and the lack of proper advocacy to prevent the criminalization of such marginalized groups.