Professor Delivers Presentation on Modern Criminal Procedure to Colleagues
Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: October 14, 2009
oliverWesCrimProAssociate Professor Wesley M. Oliver presented his dissertation on Modern Criminal Procedure to his colleagues during a luncheon on Thursday, October 8, 2009. This was Oliver’s first time presenting his dissertation in full. He will present it again at the end of the month for the Central State Law School Association in Columbus, Ohio.  

Oliver focused on the nineteenth and early twentieth century origins of modern criminal procedure from the view of the New York Police Department during the two-hour power point presentation. He spoke about the limits the police faced including search warrants and other laws imposing strict limitations on police officers. He emphasized the drastic change in search warrants and included documents from 1787 and 1816 that have only been disclosed in studies recently.

He also touched on the shift during the social movement commonly known as the Prohibition that encouraged mechanisms not before seen by police officers, and how the current courts have looked at common law doctrines to frame the current limitations on police.

Professor Oliver worked on his dissertation for his J.S.D. for Yale University for a total of five years. His colleague, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Robert C. Power, described Professor Oliver’s presentation as “informative and entertaining.”