Professor Gedid Appointed to PBA Constitutional Convention Commission
Web Editor - Published: March 8, 2010
gedidThe Pennsylvania Bar Association has appointed Professor John L. Gedid, Director of the Harrisburg Campus’s Law & Government Institute, to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Constitutional Convention Commission. The Commission will examine the Pennsylvania constitution in order to determine whether there are problems that require major revision through a constitutional convention, and will make a recommendation based on that study.

James Gardner Collins, former President Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, will head up the panel. The panel has 18 months to come up with a recommendation and present its findings. A media conference announcing the panel and its purpose was held at the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg on February 23rd.

At the inaugural meeting of the Commission on February 23rd, Professor Gedid delivered a lecture on the history and requirements for holding a constitutional convention in Pennsylvania.

Professor Gedid stressed the importance of this PBA study. He said, “No one has made a serious examination of the Pennsylvania Constitution since 1967-8 to see how well it is operating. Much has changed since then. It is time for us to examine our constitution to determine whether revision is needed.”