National Jurist Calls John Culhane a Law Professor to “Take Before You Die”
Web Editor - Published: March 24, 2011
JohnCulhaneNationalJurist23ProfsNational Jurist magazine recently recognized Professor John G. Culhane for his willingness to examine “political issues” and his ability to inspire students “to examine the law with an open mind.”

The article “23 Law Professors to take before you die” published in the March 2011 issue asks, “What if you could bring together some of the most entertaining, influential and riveting professors in legal academia under one roof?” Professor Culhane joined 21 other law professors and one dean on the list of law faculty who “entertain, inspire and intrigue.”

Of those on the list, writer Michelle Weyenberg says, “All of them would make law school – dare we say – a fun and fascinating experience. And if you get the chance, these are the profs you have to take before you die.”

In addition to serving as the Director of Widener Law’s nationally recognized Health Law program, Professor Culhane is also a Lecturer at the Yale University School of Public Health and a Senior Research Fellow at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population. He has written and spoken extensively on the rights of same-sex couples and was featured as an expert in a documentary film about disaster compensation as it relates to Hurricane Katrina and 9/11. He is a contributor to the online magazine Slate, a columnist for, and writes his own blog, WordinEdgewise.

Read the full National Jurist article “23 Law Professors to take before you die,” or download the article in PDF format.