Faithful Friends Inc. Executive Director Speaks About Animal Control Reform
Web Editor - Published: March 23, 2011
On Wednesday, March 23rd, 2010, Jane Pierantozzi, the Executive Director of the Faithful Friends Inc. No Kill Animal Shelter, spoke to students, faculty, and staff on the Delaware campus about volunteer opportunities and legal lobbying efforts to improve Delaware’s animal control laws. The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund sponsored Pierantozzi’s visit.

“No kill doesn’t mean you can do it overnight, it means that you’re aggressively working toward it,” said Pierantozzi as she spoke about the national “No Kill Movement” to reform animal control laws and cut down on euthanasia as means of reducing the population of homeless cats and dogs.

Pierantozzi told the students about how Faithful Friends Inc. became involved in lobbying legislators in Delaware for reform. She walked them through the process of passing Senate Bill 142 in June 2006, which established a shelter spay/neuter law and a publicly funded program to reduce Delaware’s kill rate. Faithful Friends Inc. also worked with Senator Patricia Blevins of Elsmere to get Senate Bill 280 passed in July 2010. Senate Bill 280, a Shelter Standards Law, established a series of requirements for state shelters, including mandatory vaccinations of “all animals upon intake for distemper and kennel cough” and a minimum holding time of 72 hours for all strays – including cats that formerly could be euthanized the same day they came in.

The talk also featured advice on lobbying for animal protection. Pierantozzi gave the students advice on finding legislators willing to help the cause, appealing to animal friendly government officials, recognizing stakeholders, and providing input on the actual drafting of a bill.

At the end of the program, Faithful Friends Inc.’s Director of Volunteer Services & Community Affairs Shannon O’Neill also spoke to the students about volunteer opportunities. Those interested can read more about Faithful Friends Inc. at their website.