Delaware Supreme Court Justice Holland Administers Oath to Clinic Students
Web Editor - Published: August 30, 2011

“As far as your clients are concerned, you are going to be a Delaware attorney,” said Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland before administering the oath that will allow fourteen students participating in either the Delaware Civil Clinic or the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic the limited ability to appear in certain Delaware courts under Rule 56.

The ceremony, held on Monday, August 29th, was a special session of the Delaware Supreme Court, as only Delaware Supreme Court Justices can swear individuals in under the limited practice rule. Justice Holland opened the session by recognizing Dean Linda L. Ammons, who praised the students for their interest in public service and reminded them, “You will be dealing with live human beings and their problems.”

After citing all of the professors involved with the two clinics as “excellent models of behavior” for their students, Justice Holland recognized Professor Dana Harrington Conner, who presented the eight students participating in the Delaware Civil Clinic. Those students are; Rachel M. Conte, Benjamin S. Gifford IV, Brian S. Legum, Lauren M. McCrery, Tara Miller, Karl Schujko, Joseph Edward Sheridan Jr., and Dean Wolff.

Professor Ken Kristl then introduced the six Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic students to be sworn in. Those students are; Jessica Blome, Christopher Ginelli, Edward Henry, Edward Hughes, Michael Stanzione, and Ashley Talley.

Justice Holland then made a few remarks, noting This is one of the most enjoyable things that I do each year as a Justice,” and praising the students for their interest in public service. He complimented them for recognizing “an obligation to share your legal knowledge with others,” and reminded them of the importance of ethical behavior and professional conduct.

Justice Holland concluded the court session by saying, “I hope that some of you decide to practice in Delaware.