ABA Publishes Book on Constitutional Environmental Law Edited by Professor May
Web Editor - Published: November 30, 2011
MayJim235“These days, it’s hard to imagine any environmental law or policy bromide that doesn’t contain soluble constitutional components, from climate change to species loss, from air to water pollution, from the boardroom to the courtroom, and from the vast hallways of administrative agencies to legislative halls in Washington, D.C., and in state capitols throughout the country,” writes Professor James R. May in the preface to Principles of Constitutional Environmental Law.

Recently co-published by the American Bar Association and the Environmental Law Institute, Principles of Constitutional Environmental Law examines the growing intersection of constitutional and environmental law. A variety of emerging constitutional issues are examined in a series of accessible chapters that begin with a practice tip and end with a case study relevant to the material explored in the chapter.

In addition to editing the volume, Professor May wrote the chapter on “The Political Question Doctrine” and co-wrote chapters on “Environmental Rights in State Constitutions” with former student William Romanowicz and “Constitutional Environmental Rights Worldwide” with H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law Erin Daly.

Visit the ABA’s site to learn more about Principles of Constitutional Environmental Law, or read Professor May’s post on the book’s publication on the Environmental Law Center blog.