School official explains online job posting
Public Relations Officer - Published: December 8, 2011
A fictitious job opportunity created for testing purposes and posted on Widener Law’s job bank for a short period Dec. 8 was not meant to cause confusion.

The posting, for a volunteer potato chip tester/taster, was created within the Career Development Office for training purposes, in an effort to assist an employer who wanted to learn more about the online job bank system. The employer was looking to understand how the job bank functions in preparation for a posting, said LeaNora Ruffin, assistant dean for career development. 
The test should have been conducted in a way that was shielded from student view, however it was only live on the job bank for approximately 90 minutes. It was immediately deleted at the conclusion of the test. 

“That job was not real,” Ruffin said. “We apologize for any confusion. We were simply trying to aid an employer with an eye for enhancing student opportunities.”