Career Development Office Launches Blog to Provide Students with Valuable Resources
Web Editor - Published: April 14, 2011
2011CDOBlog Launch“Information is so vital to students, and we’re trying to find the best way to get them that information in this changing employment environment,” says Assistant Dean for Career Development LeaNora Ruffin of the Career Development Office’s new blog, which launches today, March 28th.

In addition to gathering a variety of career development resources in a single, easily accessible repository, the new CDO blog will offer students information on professional development, leadership, conflict resolution, and other skills that can help Widener Law students and alumni in their professional lives. The blog also offers advice on career trends and professionalism.

“There is a piece that will be more interactive,” says Ruffin, adding, “There will be some polling. The idea is to give students more immediate access to the Career Development Office.”

“I think that the content and the way that we’ve tried to distill it is the value add of a blog like this,” she concludes.