Blogs Capture Summer Experiences
Web Editor - Published: July 6, 2011
2011GlobalbloggersStudents serving as Global Externs have begun writing about their experiences with the United Nations and the International Trade Administration. Additionally, Widener Law’s four exciting Summer Study Abroad Programs have begun, and those interested can check in on what is happening by following along at the respective blogs.

Student Halak Mehta has written about her work as an extern with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Campaign to End Poverty 2015. “As an extern, I provide support in policy research and analysis focusing on Japan MDG review summit, the Integrated Implementation Framework (IIF), and the South Korea Aid Effectiveness meeting. In addition, I participate in other UN Meetings dealing with the MDGs and prepare synthesis reports on the commitments made, achievements realized and existing gaps,” writes Halak, who calls the externship an “extraordinary opportunity.”

Adam Robert Gibbons has been serving his externship with the International Trade Administration, an office of the Department of Commerce. Of his assignment, Adam writes, “I am tasked with finding out what the domestic and global market it for veterinary drugs. Generally this encompasses both animal pharmaceuticals and biologics. The ITA is interested in knowing how large the industry is, both in this country and globally.”

Adam goes on to write that his assignment “will quite possibly be the most difficult thing I have ever done, but if there is one thing that I have learned in law school, it is that the more difficult something is going to be, the better you feel when you have finally completed it.”

The final global extern, James Doyle, is also working at the International Trade Administration on “a project regarding rare earth elements used in the medical industry.” He writes, “So far the externship has been a great opportunity to work on hot issues in international trade, meet people and set up personal networks, and understand fully how business in Washington goes about. My favorite part of the day is my walk through the National Mall to the Department of Commerce building. The Capital Building and Washington Monument looming overhead can inspire just about anyone to want to achieve success in this city.”

Students have also been blogging about their experiences in Widener Law’s Summer Institutes. George Weber has posted about his experiences in Lausanne, Switzerland, and students in the Venice program have also been writing about their trip.

Feel free to follow along by visiting the Venice or Switzerland blogs, or check out the experiences of the Global Externs at the Global Externs Blog.