Harrisburg Alum Speaks to Students About Realities of Private Practice
Harrisburg Correspondent - Published: October 13, 2011
Widener Law alum Christopher E. Fisher ‘05 met with Harrisburg students on Wednesday, October 12th to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of working in private practice.

He said that one benefit of working in private practice is that the work schedule is very flexible, adding, “Something I enjoy about private practice is that you never get into a routine. It is not a Monday through Friday nine to five job. As long as you get done what you need to get done, you don’t have scheduled hours.”

Fisher explained that the flexible hours and independence allow him to spend more time at home with his family, but because the hours are loose, sometimes he works more than 40 hours weeks. “Sometimes things come up and you know you are not going to be home for dinner that night,” he added.

One major aspect of private practice that is different than working for the government is the billable hours. Fisher advised students to not be fooled; billable hours are not goals, but rather requirements.

He also pointed out that private practice is different than working for the state because you have to bring in your own clients. Like many private firms, he is allotted a marketing budget and is expected to use that money to network via playing golf, attending dinners, and the like.

Fisher said, “Sometimes it seems crazy that after all the work you have to do, you are expected to go out afterwards and hang out.”

Fisher is an attorney for Tucker Arensberg PC in the firm’s litigation department and is a member of the worker’s compensation group. Most recently, he is representing the city of Harrisburg in its bankruptcy.