Class of 2002 Reunion - Celebrating 10 Years!
Nancy Ravert Ward - Published: October 31, 2012
Widener Law grads from the Class of 2002 recently gathered together to celebrate their ten-year class reunion. For those who were not able to attend ... we missed you! The reunion was held Saturday evening, October 20, 2012 on campus in the Barrister’ Club. Following dinner the class dismissed and continued their celebration at the infamous “Scrimmages” where they closed the place down. It was a night filled with good friends having a good time and getting reacquainted. The committee that brought the reunion together was Donna Lumpkin Thompson, Renee Veney Duval, and Angela LaManna. They planned a fun filled evening that included a game of 2002 Trivia and awarding prizes for the alumni with the most children, the most degrees, the most miles traveled to attend the reunion, etc.

Melissa Dutton, raved about the reunion event, “It was so great getting together to spend time with old classmates and friends and hear about their careers and families. Although it had been 10 years since some of us saw each other it felt like we had been together just yesterday. As I said the night of the reunion, the friends I made at Widener Law are friends for life! Thanks to everyone that made this happen!"

Congratulations on your success Class of 2002!