Etiquette dinner coming to Delaware campus
Public Relations - Published: January 24, 2012
2012 Etiquette Dinner PromoYou sit down to an interview meal at a table of attorneys you are eager to impress. It’s crowded with dishes. You wonder, which glass is your ice water, and which one belongs to the person on your right – the one you’re hoping will make you a job offer after it’s over?

You don’t want to mess this up. Phi Alpha Delta wants to help.

The professional law fraternity is planning its annual etiquette dinner for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 15 in the Barristers’ Club on the Delaware campus. The four-course meal is designed to teach proper etiquette for all business and professional dining functions. Tickets cost just $15 and can be purchased on Main Street through Friday, Jan. 27.

The event includes a cocktail hour where wine will be served. The dinner menu includes a shrimp bisque soup, spinach salad, pesto chicken with mozzarella and tomatoes or vegetables with linguine in a white wine sauce, and lemon cheesecake.

Event organizer Jennifer-Dean Wilkins said Phi Alpha Delta is working with professional image and etiquette experts Lynne and John Breil of The Professional Edge, who will lead the instructional portion of the dinner. Diners will get lessons on everything from place settings, to proper utensil use and tips for safe conversation topics. The Breils, who directed a similar dinner on the Harrisburg campus during Professional Development Day in the fall, are also available to answer the myriad of questions students have always wondered about – but were always afraid to ask.

“This is your chance to ask, in a safe, fun and supportive environment,” Wilkins said. “I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.”