Delaware Supreme Court Justice Holland Administers Oath to Delaware Civil Clinic Students
Web Editor - Published: January 25, 2012
“Its always a pleasure for me to convene the Court here at Widener, especially on an occasion like this,” said the Honorable Randy J. Holland as he opened a special session of the Delaware Supreme Court in order to administer the oath that will allow fifteen students the limited ability to appear in certain Delaware courts under Rule 56 on Monday, January 23rd.

Justice Holland opened the session by recognizing Dean Linda L. Ammons, who said; “We are tremendously fortunate to have Justice Holland here with us,” adding, “It is with great pleasure that we welcome him and the court back to Widener.” Addressing the clinic students, she said, “It is not theoretical anymore. It is real,” before praising them for their interest in public service and congratulating them.

“We want you to realize how important what you are doing is to the court,” Justice Holland told the students before citing Delaware Civil Clinic Director and Associate Professor Dana Harrington Conner as an excellent role model for them to emulate. “People will be watching you differently,” he said before observing, “You’re being admitted under a limited practice rule, but as far as the public is concerned, you are a lawyer.”

Justice Holland then recognized Professor Harrington Conner, who formally moved for the admission of ten new students and four returning clinic students under the limited practice rule. The new students were: Melissa L. Edelstein, Lindsay K. Foster, Meghann E. Jeuell, Jenna R. Kring, Erin N. Lund, Walter J. O’Brien, Ashley A. Palaia, Prema L. Roddam, Jenna L. Stayton, and Amy C. Tice. The four returning students were: Benjamin S. Gifford, Brian S. Legum, Lauren M. McCrery, and Joseph E. Sheridan.

Delaware Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Denny then formally moved for the admission of student Howard A. Brucker under the limited practice rule. Brucker will be an extern for the Delaware Department of Justice.

Justice Holland closed the court session with a few final remarks, declaring, “I wish you all well, and I hope that some of you will chose to practice in Delaware, and that I will have the opportunity to administer another oath to you.”