Widener Law Once Again Adopting Families in Need
Public Relations and Web Editor - Published: December 11, 2012
2012AdoptAFamilyPromo235x240The Delaware campus holiday Adopt-A-Family charity drive has returned again this year with plans to assist two families and two veterans in need. The program, originally run by former Assistant Dean and Registrar Dottie Hemphill has shifted to the Public Relations Office, which is now coordinating.

“The program is very much alive and we are seeking donations of gifts, gift cards or money we can turn into gift cards to assist these families,” Public Relations Officer Mary Allen said.

All the program recipients are selected through the law school clinics, which are representing them in legal cases. Families A and B include mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence; families C and D are female Veterans Law Clinic clients who live alone.

Donations are being accepted through December 20. Those who wish to donate may drop off their items at the Public Relations Office, room 276 on the Veterans Law Clinic hallway, or at the Registrar’s Office. Volunteers are needed to help wrap the gifts. A wrapping party will be held Thursday, Dec. 20 beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the clinic wing moot courtroom.

“Our recipients would have nothing to mark the holiday season with, but for the generosity of the Widener Law community through this program. I encourage everyone to step up and lend a hand, and help make this a happy time for people who are truly struggling,” Allen said.

Below is a list of the adopted families and their needs:

FAMILY A (Delaware Civil Law Clinic)
A mother and her two sons. The mother was abused by the father of the boys, who threatened to take the children away and hurt them unless she acquiesced to his demands. She broke away by obtaining a protection from abuse order and obtained custody of the children. The oldest son, 20, just moved back in and the mother has said that she would want him to get gifts before her.
    Needs: Size 18-20 boys, Small shirt or 32x30 pant in Men's, Size 8 men's shoes, JC Penny gift card for school uniform, coat, gloves, hat, and pajamas.

    Wish List: Any gaming console and games, Beyblade toys, Power Rangers, sporting gear, anything wrestling, touch screen cell phone.

    Needs: Size 6 shirts and pants, size 13 kids shoes, JC Penny gift card for school uniform, coat, gloves, hat, and pajamas.

    Wish List: Leap Pad and games, Beyblade toys, books, board games, power rangers, toy cars.

    Needs: Size 10 pants, medium shirt, size 8 and 1/2 shoes, and pajamas.

    Wish List: Concerned with kids wish lists primarily. Any household items, coat, hat, or gloves.
FAMILY B (Delaware Civil Law Clinic)
This family consists of a mother and her four children. The mother suffered extreme physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her former partner. She was able to escape the abuse when she filed criminal charges and sought civil protection. She is now trying to start her life over and is struggling, but doing the best she can. The oldest son, 20, recently moved in, and the mother indicated that she would prefer for him to receive gifts before her.
    Needs: Size 6x, size 11 and 1/2 shoes. Really needs sneakers, socks, and underwear.

    Wish List: She likes Hello Kitty, barbies, princess stuff, and anything girly.Board games are good. The kids want "Don't break the ice" (a Hasbro game).

    Needs: 8 slim girls, Size 2 shoe, boots (the ones that look like Uggs), and pajamas.

    Wish List: Loves to do arts and crafts, jewelry maker, books (Harry Potter and Judy Blume), Brat Dolls and American Dolls, "My secret diary" (voice-command password journal).

    Needs: Size 10 regular in boys, size 4 shoe, really needs sneakers and a hat and gloves. Also needs some pajamas.

    Wish List: Pokemon Cards, Match Box cars He has an XBox 360 and would like any of these games: Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed 3, or the newest Medal of Honor. He likes basketball and football.

    Needs: He just got a job and needs work clothes. He wears a collared plain white long-sleeved shirt sized large. Black or khaki pants size 34 x 32. Size 9 and 1/2 shoe. Needs socks, boxers, and t-shirts. He likes the Baltimore Ravens.

    Needs: Size 12 pants and a large shirt, size 7 and 1/2 shoe, a coat (XL), and pajamas.

  • WHOLE FAMILY: They all need blankets, and she has been looking for a roll-away bed.
FAMILY C (Veterans Law Clinic)
This is a 76-year-old veteran who lives alone and has no family. She has very few friends and she struggles with depression, anxiety – and worst of all – extreme feelings of loneliness. She shops mainly at Wal-Mart for food and at Goodwill for clothing. She would appreciate gift cards to either of these two places (yes, Goodwill does sell gift cards) in order to buy food and clothing for the winter.

While gift cards would help with her greatest needs, I’m sure it would brighten her holiday season and help her feel less alone if she had a few small personal gifts to open too, such as yummy-smelling lotions, soft fluffy towels or a new hat and gloves.

Please Note: She lives some distance away and we plan to ship a box to her on Dec. 13 (in order for it to arrive by the holiday), so please think “shipping-friendly” if you pick up something personal, and turn it in early!

FAMILY D (Veterans Law Clinic)
This recipient is the widow of a Vietnam veteran. It is her first holiday season without her husband, who died this summer. Her finances are in limbo as she is awaiting her husband's award from the VA. That timing has made it very difficult for her to pay her living expenses and deal with all the paperwork related to her husband’s passing. Her financial situation has been further complicated by car troubles, which are especially stressful since her late husband always handled that kind of thing.

Gift cards to Wal-Mart or Acme grocery would be ideal for assisting her this holiday season. A few small personal items might also help make it merry, such as a piece of jewelry, a scarf, a bath set or something to brighten her home.