Health Law Society Releases Fall 2012 Health Law Colloquium
Web Editor - Published: December 13, 2012
“I hope they get interested,” says Health Law Society Vice President and Fall 2012 Colloquium Editor-in-Chief Dan Baum of the effect he hopes the Fall 2012 Health Law Colloquium will have on readers. “I want more people to come to Health Law Society meetings,” he adds, saying of the field of health law, “I want people to find that it’s an interesting career to get into because I personally do.”

Put together by members of Widener Law’s Health Law Society, the recently released Fall 2012 Health Law Colloquium draws contributions from Widener Law students, faculty, and alumni to “build a greater understanding of health law practice.”

The Fall 2012 issue features 7 articles that cover a variety of topics from physician assisted suicide laws to healthcare rationing, medical tourism in Costa Rica, and the use of technology to obtain informed consent in clinical research.

Baum cites former Associate Professor Thaddeus M. Pope’s article, “Career Guide for the Future Healthcare Attorney,” in particular for providing an overview of the opportunities available in the expanding field of health law.

Pope’s article looks at the wide-range of career opportunities available in health law, from traditional legal paths like litigation or transactional work to non-attorney careers in compliance, regulatory affairs, risk management, and dispute resolution. He also covers strategies for success in law school, including tips on coursework, networking, and extracurricular activities.

“Health law is a broad and exciting field and its demand curve is shifting to the right. Private firms and government agencies are eager to hire new lawyers with a focus on healthcare law,” Pope writes.

In the accompanying video, Editor-in-Chief Dan Baum discusses the work involved in putting the issue together.

Download the Fall 2012 Health Law Colloquium as a pdf.