Former Student Bar Association Presidents Take Alumni Executive Challenge
Web Editor - Published: February 21, 2012
When Widener Law Fund Assistant Director Peter Castagna reached out to John D. Cirrinicione ’07 at the Annual Alumni Awards in December of 2011 about ways to increase alumni giving, the Widener Law Executive Challenge was born.

The goal of the program is to increase alumni participation to 10% for the Widener Law Fund by June 30, 2012. By investing in the law school, alumni have the opportunity to enhance the school’s reputation and ensure that current and future students will have resources and opportunities available to them.

As a former President of the Delaware campus Student Bar Association, Mr. Cirrinicione agreed to reach out to other former Student Bar Association Presidents from both campuses. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Cirrinicione.

Former Delaware SBA Presidents Christopher J. Cabbot ’05, Damiano del Pino ’11, and Matthew A. DeNucci ’09, as well as former Harrisburg SBA Presidents Joshua D. Feldman ’04 and Nicole M. Santo ’10 have joined Cirrinicione in the challenge, and all six of them will be contacting fellow alumni and asking for their help in meeting the goal.

“I hope that people will see this as a really worthwhile effort,” says Cirrinicione, who has found the process gratifying on a personal level, calling the willingness of the other former SBA Presidents to get involved “the greatest compliment.”

In the accompanying video, Chris Cabott, Esq. '05 discusses the Alumni Executive Challenge and the importance of giving back to Widener Law. Read more about the Executive Challenge, follow the Alumni Executive Challenge Facebook page, or make a donation to the Widener Law Fund.