Paula Garrison Receives Award for Distinguished Service
Web Editor - Published: May 18, 2012
GarrisonPaula400pxPaula Garrison, assistant to Dean Linda L. Ammons, was one of two recipients of the 2012 William David Eckard Jr. Awards for Distinguished Service to Widener University. President James T. Harris presented the award to Garrison and the other recipient, Chester campus grounds foreman Dennis O’Shea, at the Town Hall meeting on May 14th.

“It was so unexpected. That’s really what’s nice about it,” said Garrison, who called receiving the award her second proudest Widener moment behind only watching her son Robert graduate in 2003.

The Eckard Award was established by William David Eckard III, longtime vice president of administration and finance at Widener University and a 1966 graduate of Pennsylvania Military College. He created the award, a $3,000 cash grant, in memory of his father to help promote and reward excellence at Widener. Recipients must work for Widener on a full-time basis for at least 10 years and consistently demonstrate an outstanding level of service.

In announcing the award, President Harris shared comments from Dean Ammons, who said, “Widener University and specifically the School of Law have been extraordinarily fortunate to have Paula Garrison as an employee. She models the very best professionalism and I am grateful that she has been my right hand.”

Paula enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the award with both her son and daughter at dinner shortly after receiving the award, and she happily reports that the cash grant matched the final payment on her house almost exactly.

The entire Widener Law community congratulates Paula Garrison on the well-deserved award!