First-year Students Share Their Thoughts on the Law School Experience
Web Editor and Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: September 4, 2012

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With the fall semester underway, first-year students have begun their legal career in earnest, and several were gracious enough to share their excitement after experiencing their first law school classes.

The value of Orientation Week proved a popular topic. Harrisburg student Tyre Wise noted the necessity of being able to prepare case briefs required in his courses and observed, “I think the Orientation Week did a pretty good job of teaching us how to do case briefs.”

Delaware student Brittney Cafero called Orientation Week “very beneficial and very helpful,” adding, “I thought it was a good setting – a good classroom setting for us to get used to.”

Some students also discussed how helpful their professors have been thus far. Harrisburg student Kyle McNamara said of Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Ben Barros, “I meet with him and started going over some outlines and things like that, and I was really impressed with the help that he was able to give me.”

In the accompanying videos, new students on each of Widener Law’s campuses share more of their thoughts as they embark on the law school journey. You can also view additional footage of first-year students sharing their thoughts on the Widener Law Youtube channel.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge and I can’t wait to get started on my career in law here at Widener,” concluded Delaware student Stephen Kornas, echoing the excitement and anticipation of other first year students.