Students Admitted to Limited Practice of Law in Delaware
Web Editor - Published: January 29, 2013
“As far as the clients are concerned, all of you in the front row are indistinguishable from the four lawyers sitting at council table,” said Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland in his remarks on Monday, January 29th after administering an oath to twelve students that will allow them the limited ability to appear in Delaware courts under Rule 56.

Holland convened the special session of the Delaware Supreme Court and then recognized Widener Law Dean Linda L. Ammons, who offered brief remarks. She thanked Justice Holland for offering his time each semester to administer the oath and then told the students, “It may be limited, but it is about to become real.”

She also praised the students for their willingness to serve, saying, “At Widener, we believe in being lawyers who make a difference.”

“It is incumbent on you to act with civility and professionalism,” Holland told the assembled students, encouraging them to think of themselves as officers of the court. He reminded them that as officers of the court that they are responsible for upholding the rule of law before praising them by saying, “The common denominator that all of you share is your commitment to service.

Students taking the oath included:

Delaware Civil Clinic
Jessica L. Berg
Meghan H. Hufnell
Brittany M. McCants
Matthew R. Pierce
Jessica L. Reno
Saurabh Singal
Beth H. Steinberg
Noelle B. Thompson

Office of the Public Defender
Meghan Harp
Jade Morrison

Office of the Attorney General
Marc Petrucci

Office of Community Legal Aid Society
Sara Horatius