Student Lounge on Delaware Campus Under Renovation
Web Editor - Published: August 21, 2013
DEStuLoungeHVACbody“We’ll have much stronger control of what we’re conditioning and where,” says Campus Services Director Gil Landau of ongoing efforts to replace the HVAC system near the student lounge on the first floor of the Delaware Campus Main Law Building.

“The old unit was old and inefficient regarding electrical consumption,” notes Landau, adding that the project includes all new ductwork and that the new system will cover three zones instead of just one, allowing for a more comfortable atmosphere.

The project, which could not get under way until after the conclusion of the Delaware Bar exam at the end of July, should be completed in six to eight weeks according to Landau. Areas affected include the student lounge and the nearby hallway as well as portions of the first floor computer lab. The furniture that was located in the student lounge has been moved to other areas to ensure that no seating will be lost during the renovation.

Please pardon our appearance during the construction!