Harrisburg Campus Alumnus to Appear on ABC’s “Whodunnit?”
Web Editor - Published: June 17, 2013

Ulysses S. Wilson '11

“You really learn to ask good questions and that could help with determining if someone was telling the truth or not,” says Harrisburg campus alumnus Ulysses S. Wilson ’11 of how his legal education served him during the filming of the new ABC reality show “Whodunnit?” that is set to premiere on Sunday, June 23rd at 9 p.m.

Wilson, who is an associate with Johnson, Duffie, Stewart & Weidner in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, got the chance to interview for the 9-episode show after eliminating an ABC casting director from a poker tournament he played in while on a Caribbean cruise. The casting director thought that Wilson would be a perfect fit for the show and invited him out to Los Angeles for a formal interview.

“It was really a whirlwind experience,” says Wilson, who took a leave from work to participate. “It was really fortunate that the firm was supportive of it,” he says.

The show pits 13 contestants against each other in a scenario similar to the classic Clue board game and the subsequent movie. Contestants vie to find evidence in a series of “murders” at the Rue Manor estate in pursuit of a $250,000 prize.

“Each episode you investigate a murder,” says Wilson, adding that the contestant whose theory is the farthest from the truth ends up as the next murder victim. He says that the show might be more aptly titled “Howdunnit?” since the murderer won’t be revealed until the final episode.

While he credited his legal education with helping him to develop the analytical thought process necessary to be a lawyer and cited that as a strength going into the competition, he was also quick to point out that other contestants had certain backgrounds that could provide advantages to. Other contestants on the show include an ex-NFL cheerleader, a retired homicide detective, an engineer, and a cardiac nurse.

“There was definitely a strength from the legal education, but in other areas you might be behind somebody else,” Ulysses observes.

“Everyday you got something new dropped in your lap,” Ulysses says in summing up the experience. “It was exciting, but sort of nerve-wracking at the same time, he adds, before concluding, “It was a great experience. I would do it again.”

Visit the “Whodunnit?” site on ABC.com to learn more about the show, and tune in on Sunday, June 23rd to see Ulysses at work!

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