Emeritus Professor Contributes to New International Law Journal
Web Editor - Published: June 5, 2014

Emeritus Professor J. Patrick Kelly.

Emeritus Professor J. Patrick Kelly recently wrote “State Practice as Metaphor: A Reconciliation Approach,” the first article in the debut issue of the State Practice and International Law Journal. He also serves as an Editor for the new journal along with Professor Benedict Chigara of Brunel University in London and Professor Annika Rudman of Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

The purpose of the new law journal is to publish original scholarship examining what implications State practices might have on the legitimacy of law making in the international legal system. Beyond investigating international legal standards, the journal seeks to develop recommendations that could enhance the clarity and legitimacy of international law.

“This issue announces a new peer-reviewed truly international law journal devoted to the idea of greater legitimacy and more democratic processes in international law making. Why is such a journal needed at this time? First, international law and legal institutions increasingly matter,” writes Kelly in the opening of his article, echoing the new journal’s mission statement.

State Practice and International Law Journal is published by Brunel University London. Read more about the new law journal on the Brunel University site.