Student Bloggers: 1st Year
"Widener is a great law school. We have professors that will do anything to help their students succeed and an administration that gives every student every opportunity to overcome the rigors of law school and the challenges of the bar exam"
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Jana Di Cosmo & Jennifer Perez

Meet Jana DiCosmo and Jennifer Perez in their own words:
"Hi!  My name is Jana DiCosmo, and I am a second-year law student in the Extended Division day program.  Before joining the Widener Law community, I attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  I majored in Political Science, focusing on civil rights law classes and statistical analysis in social science research." ~ Jana DiCosmo

"My life experiences and cultural background are greatly responsible for my professional and personal passion for United States Immigration Law. As a child of Latino immigrants living in Camden, New Jersey, the struggles that immigrants in my community overcame were just part of life. As I grew older and looked at my surroundings, I realized that I could make positive change. For years, I have relied on the prospect of “giving back” to my community by serving its immigrant population. Thus, from a very young age, I have strived to join the ranks of lawyers and judges who also believe that character is forged by helping others." Visit Jana & Jennifer's Blogs.