Student Bloggers: 1L & 2L
Jana DiCosmo is a second-year law student in the Extended Division day program. Jennifer Perez is a first-year law student with a passion for United States Immigration Law.
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An First Year Experience Blog from Delaware
Meet a First Year Law student in her own words:
Hello everyone, my name is Meghan Harp. I’m currently a 1L regular division student at the Widener University School of Law and loving it! I’m also a recent graduate from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where I majored in Political Science. I became interested in the study of law while in my junior year of undergrad after taking a course on civil liberties. After that course, I decided to add a few more of the pre-law courses to my schedule. I realized that it was these particular classes I loved so much that eventually inspired and encouraged me to attend law school. I was particularly drawn to Widener Law for its friendly and welcoming environment. In particular, I was interested in their nationally recognized Health Law Certificate Program. Follow along in my blog as I experience what it’s truly like to be a first year law student!

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