Diversity @ Widener Law: Kyle Byard
After observing increased criminal activity in Philadelphia, Delaware campus student Kyle Byard decided that he could help.
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Consumer Advocacy
EmberyCandance300px“Over my lifetime, I’ve had numerous experiences where I felt I was treated unfairly as a consumer. In those instances, I experienced a helpless feeling of not knowing what to do. I have also experienced great satisfaction in researching consumer law to better understand my rights in order to advocate for myself and to help others do the same. I wanted to turn that passion into a career, and I thought of no better way than to become a lawyer to pursue a career in consumer law” says Temple graduate Candace Embry, who majored in Tourism and Hospitality Management as an undergraduate.

Uncertain of how she wanted to proceed after completing her undergraduate degree, Candace entered the work force. She applied for law school admittance a couple of years later, however, receiving admission to several before ultimately deciding that Widener Law was the right fit.

Describing her first year experience as “both challenging and rewarding,” Candace notes, “I find myself applying daily the analytical skills I’ve learned. The most valuable part of my legal education has been my Legal Methods course. Writing is an integral part of the legal field. I have learned how to make my writing effective and succinct.”

Another experience that proved valuable was participation in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition, of which Candace observes, “I was paired with a partner and we were assigned a mock client for whom we negotiated the sale of a home The experience was an early confirmation that I have selected the right career path.”

Through the mentorship program conducted by the Career Development Office, Candace became involved with the Montgomery County (PA) American Inn of Court, which has proven to be an excellent networking opportunity. She also served as a first-year representative for her section in the Student Bar Association and actively participated in the Black Law Students Association and the Christian Legal Society.

Moving into her second year, Candace has developed an interest in other areas of law, although she notes, “Overall, I enjoy the fight for what is fair, and I think I would find great success and satisfaction on either side: working for a corporation or with individuals.”

For those interested in pursuing a legal education, Candace advises, “Really master the concepts taught in Orientation with regards to how to take a law school exam. Daily preparation for class is key, but it’s the final exam that actually counts. Make certain you always have that in mind throughout the semester.”