Diversity @ Widener Law: Patrice Turenne
Delaware student Patrice Turenne balances her pursuit of a legal education with a full-time job.
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A Passion for Justice
MosleyJanine300pxAs a non-traditional student, Janine Mosley had to deal with many obstacles on her way to Widener Law, including financial challenge and an adjustment to the demands of law school. “Although I’ve always had a passion for justice, I was totally clueless about the rigors of law school. I’ve had to make major life adjustments to compensate for the learning curve,” she says.

Faced with the unexpected death of her father the summer before she started at Widener, Janine’s mother served as her major inspiration. “My mother recently acquired her doctorate, and watching her tireless work ethic and determination enabled me to believe anything was possible for me as far as my educational aspirations,” says Janine.

“I have always had a strong passion for justice and a desire to effect change in the lives of children,” says Janine of her desire to come to Widener Law and pursue a legal education, adding, “Ultimately I would like to be a judge for either family court or within the federal court system, so being an excellent lawyer is a step in that process.”

As a child growing up in a suburban Philadelphia neighborhood, Janine dealt with discrimination, but her experiences in the corporate world prior to coming to law school only reinforced her desire to seek justice. “Overall, I am drawn to people that are real and that have a passion for justice and seeing things done fairly,” she states.

A graduate of Temple University, Janine came to Widener Law seeking a great legal education and the opportunity for a broad range of legal experiences. “A small community with national impact, Widener has a lot of opportunities to learn from alumni and other legal professionals,” says Janine. “Their network is vast and diverse which has proven to be very appealing to me.”

A representative for 1st year students in the Delaware Student Bar Association, Janine also participates in other student organizations including the Black Law Students Association and the Christian Legal Society.

As for those looking to tackle law school, Janine advises, “Read Getting to Maybe, stay focused, stay on top of your reading, and don’t allow colleagues or anyone to make you second guess yourself. Remember, you are possible!”