Diversity @ Widener Law: Claudia Bustamante
Through her own experiences emigrating from Peru, Delaware student Claudia Bustamante developed a fascination with the law.
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A Helpful Pursuit
ByardKyle300px“I wanted to be a lawyer since college but also had an increased interest after noticing criminal activity in my hometown of Philadelphia,” says Delaware campus student Kyle Byard of his decision to come to Widener Law, adding, “I wanted to help do something about it and found a legal career the best avenue to pursue.”

A graduate of the University of Delaware, Kyle was hoping to be challenged by law school while learning something new every day. Widener Law has lived up to those expectations.

“My critical reading skills have greatly improved since starting law school. While reading a case I can more easily spot the different components,” he says, adding that he continues to “become a better writer and look for different angles to address a problem.”

Law school has come with its fair share of challenges and adjustments, however, and Kyle observes, “I have had to learn better study skills and time management in order to be successful in law school. I have had to deal with juggling a job and school.”

“The most interesting and challenging thing I have done so far at Widener is the course work. The classes have pushed me more than anything in undergrad or my former job at BNY Mellon,” says Kyle, who hopes to pursue a career as a prosecutor following law school.

An active member of the Black Law Students Association, Kyle is interested in getting more involved in the law school community now that he has settled into his studies.

“The best advice I can give is never take everything at face value. Ask questions if you can,” Kyle encourages future law students. “Always go to your professor if you have a question. It helps to discuss what you learn with your classmates. They may see things that have not automatically come to you. Also begin outlining courses as early as possible; never wait till the last minute. Practice applying what you learn because remembering is not enough. Last but not least, while law school can be life consuming, make sure you find some time for yourself to alleviate stress.”