Faculty Profiles: Juliet Moringiello
Professor Juliet Moringiello imparts a sense of duty and an understanding of business and commercial law.
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Provoking Interest
“I hope to provoke an interest in the topic, as well as demonstrate the importance of the law on a personal, ethical level,” says Professor Christopher J. Robinette, who teaches Torts, Insurance, Evidence, and Professional Responsibility on Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus.

A former advisor to both the Widener Law Journal and the Trial Advocacy Honor Society, Professor Robinette came to Widener Law in 2005 following two years as the Honorable Abraham L. Freedman Fellow and Lecturer in Law at Temple University School of Law, where he earned his LL.M. Prior to that, he was with Tremblay & Smith, LLP in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he practiced in the areas of tort and insurance law after earning his J.D. at the University of Virginia School of Law.

“I developed a love for torts and insurance from my Torts professor, Jeffrey O’Connell. I also practiced heavily in those areas. It was my privilege to practice with one of the premiere tort lawyers in Virginia, Tom Albro,” states Professor Robinette.

Robinette brings that experience and passion to the classroom, but he takes different approaches to subject matter depending on whether he’s dealing with first-year students or teaching an upper-level course. “In a first-year course, the most significant job is to teach legal reasoning,” he says, adding, “In upper-level courses, I still drill students on legal reasoning, but I am more focused on the content of the material. The assumption is that they have a basic mastery of analysis at that point.”

Of his scholarship, Professor Robinette says, “I am working toward a comprehensive understanding of the way tort law works and should work, including how it should intersect with insurance. If that sounds ambitious, it seems to me that your goals should be.”

As to the impact he hopes to have on his students and the legal community in general, Robinette says, “I hope to play a role in creating prudent, ethical attorneys. I like to see my students succeed.”