Faculty Profiles: Judith Ritter
Professor Judith Ritter offers students the chance for hands on experience through the Pennsylvania Criminal Law Clinic.
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Imparting the Value of Legal Reform
“What makes me most proud is the fact that we have a lot of alumni who are doing really interesting work and who are very happy being lawyers,” says Professor Juliet Moringiello. The winner of the 2006 Douglas E. Ray Excellence in Faculty Scholarship Award, Professor Moringiello teaches in the areas of Property, Bankruptcy, Secured Transactions, Sales, and the Law of Electronic Commerce.

Professor Moringiello has taught at Widener’s Harrisburg campus since 1993, imparting her wisdom on matters of business and commercial law to her students. Noting that first year students have different needs from third year students, she says, “By the time students are in the third year, you’re trying to help them understand how to solve new problems that might come along with the tools that they have learned throughout law school.” She adds that the country’s current economic woes have “made students understand why commercial law and business law are so important.” She hopes to “instill a sense of duty to the profession” in her students, and stresses that “as lawyers, we all have a role in changing the legal environment.”

“By the third year, when I teach seminars, I can see students using what they’ve learned to solve problems,” says Professor Moringiello proudly. “I’ve been able to involve students in some of the American Bar Association projects I’ve worked on, which provides them a valuable opportunity to engage with lawyers from around the country,” she adds. While she notes with a laugh that commercial law “doesn’t lend itself well to sound bites,” she feels that the ability to use current events affords her the opportunity to show students how what they are learning in the classroom will be applicable after they graduate.

Of her work outside the classroom, Professor Moringiello says, “I do a fair amount of law reform work. I think it’s a great thing for a law professor to do, especially a law professor in a state capital.” She serves as Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Uniform Commercial Code Committee and was honored for her work with a Special Achievement Award by the Pennsylvania Bar Association in 2007. In addition, she serves on the Editorial Boards of The Business Lawyer and Business Law Today, as editor of The Business Lawyer's annual survey of Cyberspace Law, and is the co-chair of the International Coordinating Committee of the ABA Business Law Section. “With the current economic problems, there’s a lot to write about,” adding, “I’m very fortunate because if I had to define my area, it’s commercial law and creditor’s rights.”