LEI Alumni Profiles: Erika Ewing
Erika Ewing ’05 wanted the power to fight injustice and help make positive social changes.
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Paralegal Studies Enhance a Career
Carol Graber ’06 pursued a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies to gain an understanding of legal terminology, procedures, and research techniques. The Legal Education Institute offered Carol a chance to learn skills that helped her with her day-to-day work handling workers’ compensation claims, and upon graduation, she earned a promotion.

The legal training provided by the Legal Education Institute helps Carol communicate with the attorneys involved in the cases she handles. The Professors at the Legal Education Institute provide a positive environment, and, according to Graber, “I really enjoyed the curriculum. It offered a logical progression starting with legal terminology and writing, and provided a very strong background in the legal field.”

Carol particularly appreciated the scheduling flexibility offered by the Paralegal program because she was working full time while she was an LEI student. She stayed involved by serving as President of the Student Association and trying to raise funds for scholarships. Carol enjoyed the atmosphere at Widener’s Wilmington campus so much that she is now pursuing a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law.

Asked if she had any advice for incoming LEI students, Carol answered, “Don’t get frustrated reading cases. You will have to read them multiple times, and you will want to do it with a legal dictionary handy.”